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Garra Bosque de Noruega

Exhibitions and events

MISHKA Cattery is a member of FIFE (Fédération Internationale Féline) and TICA (International Cat Association), institutions that organize international exhibitions. For MISHKA Cattery it is very important to show our Norwegian Forest cats to international judges who rate much more than beauty.

These evaluations include:


  • Comply with the phenotype of the breed

  • Good temperament, it is required that they be sociable, not aggressive, if a horse is violent it will be disqualified. A cat's character is hereditary, so a violent kitty should not be a member of a breeding program.

  • Condition in which it is presented: health, cleanliness, coat (hair) in good condition, adequate weight and size.


Because these institutions exist, our parenting work can be shown, judged, and evaluated.


We are proud to mention that our cats have received, for the second consecutive year, the highest title awarded in an international exhibition, the “BEST OF THE BEST”, full of joy, they are the best cats among all colors, all ages, all sexes and all races.

BEST OF THE BEST  1°  2019   &    BEST OF THE BEST 2°  2020

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