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Garra Bosque de Noruega

Reservation process

  • Send section request accompanied by official identification and proof of address, to .

  • Received the request and documents, we will contact you to clarify any questions you may have, they will be kept informed and will have priority of choice at the birth of the kittens.

  • Make the deposit or transfer of 50% advance, to the account that will have been provided to you.

  • Signing of the purchase-sale contract, correctly signed on all its pages, which we will send you via email upon receipt of the advance.

  • When the kitten is ready to go to his new home, deposit or transfer the balance (50%) .


The cost of the kitten  is US$ 1,500 

The kittens are delivered:

  • From 4 months of age.

  • Vaccination record: with two triple vaccines - feline, 1 rabies vaccine and internal and external deworming.

  • Medical certificate.

  • Sterilized, with the exception if they will join a breeding program.

  • Identification chip.

  • Pedigree

  • Objects of the pet.

  • Food for a week (it is important not to make sudden changes in your diet).

Without exception, all our kittens will be delivered to families who want a pet inside their home, who are not confined to living in cages, closed rooms or patios with access to the street, so we ask that before separating a kittens, Be sure that he can live in your home without any danger, as well as being aware that they are permanently acquiring a new member of his family.

Feel free to ask, we like to help the kitten and his new family live in harmony. Based on our knowledge and experience, we are willing and able to guide you when you need it, before or after the kitten has been delivered to his new home.

Remember that you should look for a specialist, to give you medical follow-up.

If you live in another city or country


Coming for the kitten is ideal, there is the possibility of taking it, the cost of the trip is borne by the new owner, in that case, if it is a short trip, you can schedule a return for the same day, if not, you would have to pay the night of accommodation.

We want you to be in contact with us throughout the life of your kitten, for us it is important to know how your beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat of the MISHKA family develops.

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