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The health of our cats we take very seriously, we work transparently, here you will find the results of the genetic tests of each of the members of the MISHKA family which were issued by the University of California at Davis, United States.


In the * GSD IV and * PK Deficiency tests, 100% of the members of the MISHKA family have negative results and are free of any infectious disease. All with the Felv and IVF tests previously carried out.


Dr. Miguel Ángel Sierra Bernal, president of the Mexican Feline Federation and fellow breeder, says a phrase that, unquestionably, has become famous: "WITHOUT HEALTH THERE IS NO BEAUTY."


It is an inherited disorder, which affects glucose metabolism, the accumulation of glycogen is abnormal in myocytes, hepatocytes and neurons, this accumulation causes lethal tissue damage.

Kittens usually die shortly after being born from hypoglycemia and in some cases can survive a few more months, later dying from progressive muscle degeneration.

100% of our cats are genetically tested with negative results, so the entire MISHKA family is free of this inherited disorder.

PK Deficiency

Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK Deficiency) is a hereditary genetic disorder that affects red blood cells. This enzyme "pyruvate kinase" is used to produce the energy of red blood cells. This deficiency prevents this energy production, therefore, it cannot maintain a correct cellular production, the red blood cells are thus destroyed prematurely and it presents as a hemolytic anemia of variable severity.

You can find cats with this disease that do not show symptoms, however, they are carriers and can transmit it to their puppies, that is why the importance of having our cats tested, 100% of the MISHKA family is free of this hereditary disease.


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PK Deficiency

Click on the name to see its genetic test

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